Now you can Influence the way you look, think and feel about yourself positively! See yourself through the eyes of a true role model and experience with self – reflection more freedom, confidence and happiness!

See you through the eyes of role models

carola speaking WEF


Carola’s passion is to move people, to connect and inspire. She uses her mirror – art as a tool. No powerpoint, her Happy Reflection Portraits will make you smile.

Reflection in Sheryl Sandberg f


Reflect everyday through the eyes of one of the 17 woman who inspires you! What you love in others is a reflection of your light.

Carola Pavlik with commission portrait


Experience more happiness in your life by commissioning a personal artwork for yourself or someone you love!

Influencing positive change in the World with her self reflective art

Carola Pavlik is an inspirator, creator and soul reflection guide of Czech descent born in The Netherlands. Her self reflective art allows people to change their mindset. Carola’s mission through her art is to empower people to find their own voice and to be comfortable in their own skin. Growing is all about: stepping out of your comfort zone, unlocking those masks and facing your fears. Pavlik has always been perceptive, creative and interested in the art of human behavior & beauty from child on.

Her first collection was geared towards body consciousness where she depicted the female form in a number of ways from Silver/ Gold Mirror Body and Coloured Nudes to “ Shine”, a sculpture represents the beauty of the feminine body whatever the shape. Covered with 57000 Swarovski crystals, added stone by stone with tweezers. Every crystal represents women globally who may all shine!

Next she wanted to look at how she could support people to change  their mindsets using art as the tool. This developed into her Happy Reflection Portraits Collection (influencing a positive and growth mindset) 30 layers, of airbrush paint, handmade fabric and crystal jewellery: it took her 4 years. Finally she painted 17 powerful women from different walks of life: When you look into each portrait, you literally see yourself through the eyes of a woman you admire!

The collection is divided into four categories:
Black Girl Magic featuring (Beyonce, Oprah, Michelle Obama and  sculpture Shine)
She Persisted featuring: ( Queen Maxima, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Angela Merkel, Sonia Gandhi, Queen Noor)
Fun Fearless Females featuring: ( Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, Madonna) and
Dutch- made Beauties featuring: ( Linda de Mol and Princess Beatrix)

She has exhibited in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London. Carola was also featured in Dutch TV, RTL Boulevard, Blauw Bloed and interviewed for a program by the UN Women.


Alethea – NY, USA


Thank you for creating our gorgeous portrait. It perfectly reflects our lovely girl in every way. We see something new and wonderful every time we look into her eyes. It is the perfect addition to our home and is always a great talking piece. Constance adores it and always says “When I look into my eyes, I see a rainbow” with a big smile on her face. Also Carola is an inspiration to women around the world. She has a heart towards helping women find beauty in themselves. 

Alethea – NY, USA

Truus – Belgium


“It’s more than special to feel how Carola has looked with endless devotion and attention. The skill with which the work is made is unique and the care that was given to the exclusive finish … a gem! From every corner there is another aspect that comes to the fore. I’m not looking at me. I feel seen by me.”

Truus – Belgium

Maaike – Netherlands


From the moment we met, I felt your warmth and emotional connect with people. It felt like we knew each other for ages and I felt I could trust you with the creation of this special gift.  During the ‘art process’ you connected regularly to get my input and you also added some special touches, like my favourite earrings. You used the exact right colours making my Happy Reflection portrait even more radiant. Thank you so much!


Yvonne – Netherlands


If I can make a wish the wish would be more women like Carola. Women, in general, have the tendency to be insecure about work, as a mother, as a partner, about their looks, their character and more. Carola has found a magnificent way to not only transform herself but also to help women around the globe to see themselves through different eyes. She’s a true artist where she combines her beautiful art with (self) reflection.

Besides that she’s able to reflect her own beautiful story and insides on stage as well. As a public speaker she has the ability to be contagious as it comes to make you look into your own beautiful mirror!

Yvonne – Netherlands

Sukai – Netherlands


The work you do is very unique, because it allows a person to come face-to face with their honest raw self. There are many life coaches and person development gurus out there, but the journey of self knowledge through an honest self inventory, and to see a reflection of self through the eyes of others is the best personal development. The fact that you personally went through this self development as you created these arts pieces means you put yourself in the universe and you are reaching out to those who dare to be “bare”! Your talent is amazing and being able to channel it through helping others is the best way to influence positive change in the world.

Sukai – Netherlands


Carola Pavlik Sculpture Shine


Sculpture Shine represents the beauty of the female body. Her message is that all women may shine globally. It is made out of painted synthetic material, handmade out of 57.000 original Swarovski crystals. The crystals reflect the light.

Happy Reflection Portrait Beyonce artist Carola Pavlik


17  inspirational artwork portraits of famous women as Julia Roberts and Queen Maxima, I painted on higly reflective material. Reflecting yourself, in these portraits, influences the way you look, think and feel about yourself. Experience a Happy Reflection!

Reflective artwork Bare, Artist Carola Pavlik


I started my career as an artist with creating innovative, reflecting female bodies out of aluminum paper and acrylic in London. These collections, where the focus has been on the female body, were exhibited in Amsterdam and Antwerp.


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Carola Pavlik meets Stedman Grayham (partner Oprah Winfrey) and surprises him with a Happy Reflection Portrait
Gallery Carola Pavlik, opposite Paleis Noordeinde the Hague



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