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12 life lessons

12 Lessons Life Will Teach You

These lessons aren’t part of any class curriculum. They are taught between the lines — picked up through pain and need and faulty action. They are unwavering truths of life we often forget but more often dismiss. Bear in mind these 12 lessons to understand your trials, defeat your challenges and navigate through your circumstances with complete awareness:

Never take what isn’t yours. When you take what doesn’t belong to you, it will be taken right back from you — perhaps at a later time or by different means. But what isn’t yours won’t remain for good. Find people and create things you can truly call your own.

Never compare yourself to anyone. When you compare yourself to another, you dull down your inherent beauty. Be happy for others; let them live their dreams and wish them well. Even if they’re on a similar path as you, competition doesn’t need to be a factor. Focus only on your own success. The more you harbor envy, animosity, bitterness or frustration against someone for their achievements, the more you stifle your own personal progress. The moment you realize that you are as unique as your thumbprint is the moment you can begin to utilize your inbred talents towards your total benefit. Read more

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