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Name: Arianne Logher-Staal

Age: 33 years young

Residence: Curacao, Dutch Carribean

Occupation: Marketing & Communication Manager KLM Caribbean Area

What is your Life quote? “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

What is your idea of Beauty? ( inner Beauty & Outer Beauty, Self image)

Wow, that is a difficult question to answer as I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me love and warmth are representing beauty. Both inside and outside.

Anything or anyone that/who expresses love and warmth, I consider to be beautiful, as these 2 aspects make people shine and you can tell that someone who is full of love; love for life, love for others, and love for nature has a fullfilled soul> and this is exactly what makes someone beautiful!

I am in the mids of learning all these values and therefore my self image is slowly getting there but surely is not where I want it to be yet ;).

What do you see if you look into a mirror?

At first sight I see some wrinkles and crooked teeth, furthermore I notice a good couple of kilos that I wish to have lost rather yesterday than today ( but I love food too much ). However, after these negative thoughts I see warm eyes full of spirit and a happy woman with a true smile who is very very thankfull for her family and life. A woman who is loved by her husband, no matter what. A belly that is the beautiful result of being blessed to have carried the 2 most precious boys in the world in it and some grey hairs on the side, a wonderful heritance of the daily worries I have raising our toddlers!

Who of the 17 global beauty’s which Carola painted could be your inspiration and why? (Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Kate Moss, princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Julia Roberts, Angela Merkel, Kate Middleton, Queen Noor, Michelle Obama, Linda de Mol, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Sandberg, Dilma Roussef and Sonia Gandhi.)

When I was a teenager Madonna was my idol in every possible way, and still she amazes me with her innovation, her power and her ambition. She is highly focussed and very disciplined,  all charactaristics I greatly admire. Same goes for Beyonce; her drive to do what she does full of energy is something that greatly inspires me. However, Queen Noor of Jordan is also somebody I have a lot of respect for. How she managed to adjust herself to the Arabian life, and to be accepted as she showed respect for the culture while being herself is simply amazing. Queen Noor represents light, literally and figuratively speaking. Her eyes just shine love and warmth, an absolute beauty and inspiration.

Who is your own inspiration in life and why?

I have learned a lot from my father, he has inspired me throughout my life. During the past years I have discovered that inspiration not only comes from other people but also from nature and wild life. The force and beauty of nature is incredible. When travelling, the different cultures inspire me and open my eyes and mind in various ways. The world is so big and so diverse, the people and the planet are the source of inspiration in life, in every possible way.

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