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My mission through my art is to empower people to find their own voice and to be comfortable in their own skin. “Growing is all about: stepping out of your comfort zone, unlocking those masks and facing your fears”. “Believing in yourself, your potential, which results in seeing yourself through positive eyes, where my mirror art is a tool to reflect in”. My self reflective art allows people to change their mindset.

Since childhood, I’ve been passionate about art, beauty and human interest. Connected with my Czech grandfathers, who were knowledgable in medicine and healing and my dad as an creative and inventor. With this duality, I decided to combine these worlds.

After finishing my Bachelor CE in Amsterdam her career started in the corporate world within the HRM field. Whether I needed to succesfully built and manage a new company, coaching employees, being an entrepreneur or artist. I enabled to get the results, by always combining my passion, drive and energy to make impact.

Connecting with people from different walks of life brought me living in Madrid, London and New York. I love to inspire and touch people by supporting them in the process of discovering their qualities and authentic self in a playfull way. From management to operational level to go for their potential in every area in their lives, in Personal leadership or in Business. I finished my MBA in London, followed classes at the Heatherleys School of Fine Arts and became skilled by my broad experience in self help, NLP and different Leadership programms.

Re-connect with yourself through a Role Model

The Happy Reflection Portraits Collection (influencing a positive and growth mindset) was created from 30 layers, of airbrush paint, handmade fabric and crystal jewellery: Creating the mirror artworks took Carola 4 years. She painted 17 powerful women from different walks of life:

She divided her collection in four exhibitions:

Black Girl Magic featuring Beyonce, Oprah, Michelle Obama and  sculpture Shine.
She Persisted featuring: Queen Maxima, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Angela Merkel, Sonia Gandhi, Queen Noor.
Fun Fearless Females featuring:  Julia Roberts, Kate Moss and Madonna.
Dutch- made Beauties featuring:  Linda de Mol and Princess Beatrix.

Another project she did was about Body consciousness is Silver/Gold Mirror Body, Colored Nudes and Sculpture Shine, covered with 57000 Swarovski crystal, she created stone per stone with tweezers. Every crystal represents women globally who may all shine!

The portraits are painted with characteristics from the face and the outer of the silhouette. When you look into the portrait, you literally see yourself through the eyes of a woman you admire!  This unique way of self reflection can positively change your mindset and allows you to influence the way you look, think and feel about yourself.

She has exhibited in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London. Carola was also featured in Dutch TV, RTL Boulevard, Blauw Bloed and interviewed for a program by the UN Women.

With her Portait Commisions  and Speaking she wants to invite people to look in a different way to themselves and their lives. Her Soul Reflections session gives you the opportunity to create greater awareness, where you’re now and wants to be.

“ Let me guide you to take the next steps in your life to create greater, happiness and freedom to manifest the life of your dreams”

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