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“Feminist,” “bae,” “yaaasssss” and “kale.” What do these seemingly unrelated words have in common? According to Time Magazine, they’re all terms that may lead you to “seek out the nearest pair of chopsticks and thrust them through your own eardrums” — and they should possibly be banned from our collective vocabulary in 2015.

Yes, that’s right. Time insinuates that famous women “coming out” as feminists, or misdefining the term (two topics which Time regularly covers) must never be reported on again. And apparently the best way to accomplish that goal, is to ban the word altogether.

According to Time’s Katy Steinmetz, banning the word feminist isn’t about actual feminism, it’s simply about making people stop “throwing the label around,” specifically media outlets who ask celebrities to “state their position” on the term. To which we say: LOL, no. We quite literally cannot.

In a poll that asks readers to select one word that should be banned, “feminist” is winning by a large margin. (As of 4:30 pm on Wednesday, it was at 44 percent, while the second-place word, “bae” had a mere 14 percent of the vote.) The word’s position in the race doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the vitriol that is regularly directed toward women who identify as feminists.

The fact that a well-respected publication like Time would even consider including “feminist” on a list of words that should be banned is unfathomable. (Unless, of course, they were trying to troll, in which case… well done!) Read more[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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