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Monroe is more than a pretty face- Carola Pavlik

Marylin Monroe is so much more than a pretty face. Carola created Monroe out of  10.000 Swarovski  crystals with a tweezer.

She is still a great inspiration for many women worldwide.Marilyn Monroe is celebrated for many things – her looks, her physique, her breathy voice. She’s praised for her “size 14” frame and idolized as the epitome of beauty. And she is gorgeous. But she’s also much more than that.

This artwork is made by Carola Pavlik in 2011. She created Monroes head out of  10.000 original Swarovski  crystals with a tweezer. The piece is handmade on Aluminium material,black backboard is from wood. The viewer cannot help to be part of the artwork. With every mirror artwork of Carola, the viewer is interacting with the object. Crystals stands for me for light, energy and reflection. The artwork is framed in a luxury Acrylic frame and has a white backboard.

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Here are some reasons why she is so admired. Read more

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