With her mirror art Carola Pavlik tells the story, how art can be used to inspire change. One of her main subjects is creating self awareness, her artworks seems to transform by light.
As an artist and creator of Czech descent Carola has always been creative and interested in the art of human behaviour & beauty from child on.

Art does not show people what to do, yet engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur, thinking, connection, engagement, and even action.

With her art she wants to inspire people to see their life from another perspective and initiate transformation. She started her career as an artist in London with creating innovative, reflecting female bodies from aluminum foil and acrylic paint.

Later on Carola created her masterpiece sculpture “Shine”  is an impressive sculpture of the beautiful female body, meticulously covered with 57.000 original Swarovski crystals.
“Shine” hold a special crystal key to her precious body. She represents all women in complete acceptance and thankful for the beautiful body they were given. Each crystal, every woman ready to “Shine”

Her latest collection; Iconic Reflections is made of bright coloured large mirror artworks of 17 inspiring famous women. Michelle Obama for her Faith, Oprah because I wanted to reflect myself in her wisdom, Beyonce for her femininity, and Sheryl Sandberg for her intelligence. These role models or inspiring women, with different cultural identities, but they all share a mutual sense of: companionship, self-belief and basic principles of living.

As an artist she is moved to show people their own beauty and potential.
A mirror portrait consists of bright and strong contrasting types of colours on highly reflective sustainable material. Her work has more than 40 layers of airbrush paint, handmade original Swarovski crystals jewellery and luxury fabric. Carola’s method of working is highly intensive and a single work of art easily takes between 400 and 450 hours to create.

She has exhibited in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London. She has customers worldwide. Carola was also featured a.o in Dutch TV, RTL Boulevard, Blauw Bloed, WEF and interviewed for a program by the UN Women.



Carola Pavlik (1978) is an artist and creator of Czech descent, born in Den Haag, The Netherlands. From early childhood, her extraordinary focus and determination was noticed by her teachers. With an interest in psychology and human behaviour she is always seeking true connection with people she meets.


Carola’s life is about creative expression, spiritual progress and transformation. 


Carola’s own transformation during various stages in her life, is reflected in consecutive art collections. Each collection expressing it’s own level of perspective and meaning. Like a river that naturally winds its way through the landscape, Carola’s flow of energy has intuitively found it’s path connecting her body, mind and soul.



Cultivating an extraordinary relationship with your body is some of the hardest and greatest work we can do for ourselves. Experimenting with her own body as medium and investigating the female shapes, as well as sculptural possibilities of high end materials resulted in Carola’s first collection – a series of nudes. 

Carola explored the tactile experience of bodypainting. The unique imprints created in the Colored Nudes collection represents the feminine body in all her being, translated in different sizes & colors.


Focussing on shapes and textural expression, the Aluminum nudes collection has been carefully crafted with aluminium sheets. Each work is presented in curated colours and frames. The bodily features seem to transform while the light is playing with the embossed curves. 



Our mind controls every part of our body and and reactions to the outside world. What we see in others reveals sacred information about who we are ourselves. Deeply felt insights about Carola’s own reflections in others, have lead to the creation of 17 portraits of iconic women. Carola is inviting you to discover your own reflections in these iconic portraits.

The Iconic Reflections Collection is made of bright coloured painted large mirror artworks of 17 inspiring famous women including Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Queen Maxima. Layers and layers of airbrush, enriched with tailor-made couture and Swarovski crystals on a mirroring background. Presented in a transparent acrylic frame.


Funky portraits that will bring a cheeky sense of drama and colour to your light and modern space, a true conversation piece. 


The soul, or spirit, is that inner part of ourselves which inspires our life. To visually express inspiration, sparkling and moving energy, Carola has created an impressive sculpture using crystals, light and movement. Being expressed through the body, the special crystal key metaphorically unlocks the soul. The continuous movement and sparkles of light remind the viewer that now is the time to shine.

Sculpture “Shine” is a high end installation with a sculpture (torso) of a beautiful female body, meticulously covered with 57.000 original Swarovski crystals. Presented as a complete installation on a rectangular black plinth with matching acrylic cover. The turning mechanism and lights are neatly hidden in the artwork. 

This installation is a true masterpiece. It radiates a wonderful sparkling and mesmerizing energy. 


With her art Carola wants to inspire people to see their life from another perspective and initiate transformation. And as we rise by lifting others, founding the Your Life Academy was a natural next step. Offering one-day retreats and coaching sessions for personal growth makes Carola’s heart sing.

Now is the time to shine!

London | New York | The Hague






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