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News- Carola Pavlik Swimming For ALS

Jumping into the Hudson for ALS!

Yes, here we go! I am Jumping In the Hudson on June 21st to raise money for Project MinE to help them find a cure for ALS.  ? More information about  ALS and the project you can read  on Would be…

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New Trailer Released- Carola Pavlik

New Trailer Released

Reflection is  the beginning of Happiness. What do you see when looking into a mirror? Do you see a confident, happy person? My Happy Reflection Portraits offers you a mirror. By Seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who inspires…

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Exhibitions -Carola Pavlik

Exhibition opposite the Royal Palace

From December 2015  till January 2016 Carola her reflective art has been exhibited at a unique location in The Netherlands. Opposite the Royal Dutch Palace Noordeinde in The Hague. This beautiful district is known for their galleries. According to Carola…

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Experience Sculpture Shine-Carola Pavlik

Experience Sculpture Shine

Carola her masterpiece, which she created, is sculpture “Shine”, a feminine body covered with 57.000 original Swarovski crystals handmade by Carola with a tweezer! The crystals vary between 1 and 2 mm, laid in with a tweezer. The sculpture has…

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Monroe Is More Than A Pretty Face- Carola Pavlik

Monroe is more than a pretty face.

Marylin Monroe is so much more than a pretty face. Carola created Monroe out of  10.000 Swarovski  crystals with a tweezer. She is still a great inspiration for many women worldwide.Marilyn Monroe is celebrated for many things – her looks, her physique,…

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Prince’s Day In Front Of The Gallery- Carola Pavlik

Newsletter October

In this newsletter item we have the following interesting articles; Royal Reflections on Prince's Day Ambassador of Marocco visiting the gallery In the spotlight Happy Reflection Portraits are going global Read the newsletter in English and Dutch

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Happiness At Art & Fashion Event -Carola Pavlik

Happiness at Art & Fashion Event

On Saturday  the 5th and Sunday the 6th of September the yearly Art & Fashion event took place in the classy Noordeinde street. This year a 1000 meter long black carpet will be placed in The Hague. Aside from enjoying…

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COn The Move In San Francisco - Carola Pavlik

On the Move in San Francisco

In August I had a beautiful business trip to San Francisco, meeting gallery owners. Here a picture on my way, with a small Happy Reflection Portrait of Oprah Winfrey. Reflection of Wisdom. What an inspiring creative city!

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