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From my teenage years onwards on I got confronted with Beauty and its industry. As a young girl I created an unrealistic image of how I should look. I was unsatisfied with my appearances and always aimed for perfection. As a teenager I struggled with not being good enough… instead of accepting the real me with its own beauty. Looking back to this chapter of my life, I realized I wasn’t the only girl who was struggling with her self-image and self-esteem.

The media definitely has a big influence; you can often find unrealistic images in magazines, movies and advertising commercials targeted at women.Those images implicitly tell us that women are defined by their appearance and in order to be happy a woman should live up to a certain image. 95% of the women* simply cannot live up to what the media tells us about what beauty and happiness is!

It costs a lot of money trying to keep up with all these unrealistic standards, it also takes a lot of your time and energy! Which could be well invested in other activities such  as in your personal growth, career, partner & friendships; exactly the things that are essential for ourselves and loved ones to feel beautiful and lead a fulfilled life.

If you are aware of the manipulation  it’s ok, but for many young girls and women who are exposed to this every day it can create many problems especially at the age when they develop their personal and social identity and are particularly vulnerable to these influences. Research at Harvard University* points out that only 2% of  the women claim to be beautiful. Simply because they are comparing themselves to an unrealistic image of how they should look and be as a woman.

If you’re not aware of the influence the external world has on the way you think and feel about yourself….you may be developing a false you!

The result? This has its impact on many teenagers; in the US alone, more than 10 million teenagers are struggling with self esteem problems & eating disorders.  Many women lack having a healthy self image & self-love. We always aim for perfection in our appearance, but we are often not being really happy with the person we are and even not feeling comfortable in our own skin! Size is just a number! It took me a while to fully become aware that I am really good enough the way I am, with all the goods and bads 🙂 …

My point? I would like to inspire and transform you girls and women so you are able to become aware of develop seeing your full unique beauty from the inside out. Furthermore to turn around your lack of self love so you can see your full potential again!

It is said, we have an average of 30.000 days living on this planet, we can better spent our days in a self-loving way!

My mission:  I would like to show you your “Real Beauty”, by using my own created 17 bright portraits of inspirational Power women on highly reflective material, so you are able to reflect yourself in your favorite woman! Discover your own beauty and essence!

How? By sharing my personal experience with you, combined with working with my Self Reflecting portraits of inspirational women during my Training.

Love, Carola


*StrategyOne 2006

*Social Issues Research Centre

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