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Title Reflection of Power, 2013
“The question is not whether we are able to change but whether we are changing fast enough.”
Artist Carola Pavlik (1978)
Medium Highly reflective sustainable material, Acrylic paint, fabric  on synthetic material
year 2013
Size 103 x 103 x 3 cm, including frame
Sales sheet portraits.pdf
Tags  About Angela


She’s been a steady hand steering Europe’s largest economy though a global crisis and taking the lead in difficult negotiations on the continents largest looming crises (Ukraine and Greece). All the while, she’s remained almost universally popular among her citizens, as the longest serving elected head of state in E.U. Merkel’s resolve in preserving the European Union and her influence over the euro zone’s on-going debt crisis.

Date of birth July 17th, 1954. Hamburg, Germany.
Education University of Leipzig.
Occupation Politician and President of Germany
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