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Title Reflection of Willingness, 2013
“I hope fathers and mothers of little girls will look at them and say: Yes woman can.”
Artist Carola Pavlik (1978)
Medium Highly reflective sustainable material, Acrylic paint, fabric on synthetic material
year 2013
Size 103 x 103 x 3 cm, including frame
Colors Orange, Pink, Yellow
Sales sheet portraits.pdf
Tags  About Dilma


Brazil has become one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, with one in four adults self-employed in some manner. Small businesses create two out of three jobs in Rousseff’s private sector–Brazil’s unemployment rate is an envious 5.8%–and 49% of entrepreneurs with companies less than 42 months old are women; the global average is 37%. In bustling São Paulo alone, 1.8 million small-business owners ply their trades, wares and ideas.

At her UN speech last year, Rousseff asserted her position as a woman. “I speak to you with a feminine voice. It’s the voice of democracy, of equality,” she said. “I am certain that this will be the women’s century”. With her at the helm of one of the world’s most economically powerful countries, she might be right. Ms Rousseff for her leadership of the world’s eighth-largest economy and approval ratings within her country.

Date of birth December, 14th, 1947 Belo Horizonte
Education Bachelor of Arts / Science, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Occupation Politician
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