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Title Reflection of Intelligence, 2013
“I want to tell any young girl out there who’s a geek, I was a really serious geek. It works out, study harder.”
Artist Carola Pavlik (1978)
Medium Highly reflective sustainable material, Acrylic paint, fabric and Swarovski crystals.
year 2013
Size 103 x 103 x 3 cm, including frame
Colors Red, Pink
Sales sheet portraits.pdf
Tags  About Sheryl


Every social-justice movement has to uproot the power of internalised oppression and colonised minds. That’s especially hard for women because we live in the same house as the so-called superior group and don’t have a neighbourhood of our own, much less a country. With her new foundation and book, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg is opposing both external and internal barriers to equality, which is one reason she’s misunderstood in an either/or world. Another is that she herself is successful. For a woman to be loved, she has to fail, and for a man to be loved, he has to succeed. That’s what the gender police say, and it’s inhuman and unfair to both men and women. Among her most radical suggestions is that if a woman wants children, her most important career decision is who her partner is, and if a man wants children, he could also raise them. This could begin to free us from gender police forever.

Date of birth August 28th, 1969. Washington, D.C.
Education Harvard College, Harvard Business School
Occupation Businessperson, COO Facebook
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