global beauty portrait Vicky from Amsterdam

Yes this month we have a Dutchie! Global Beauty Vicky Hoyng from Amsterdam. Of course I do get older and I do see some wrinkles and a few grey hairs, but hey, who cares? I’m healthy and happy!

Name: Vicky Hoyng

Age: 35 years young

Residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Occupation: In between jobs, volunteer for several foundations

What is your Life quote? YOLO (You only live once) / Follow your own path

What is your idea of Beauty? (Inner Beauty & Outer Beauty, Self image)

Inner Beauty: Is the most important thing! When you shine from the inside, you will also shine from the outside.

Outer Beauty: I don’t really care about (expensive) clothes and make-up, but I do care about my body. I try to eat healthy and to stay fit, which sometimes isn’t very easy ☺ I really want to lose some weight, but on the other hand I’m happy with my body and who knows someday I’ll have the perfect weight ☺ When I look in the mirror I see lots of hair, a funny nose with freckles, a nice smile and most important: a happy face. I can truly say that I like what I see. Of course I do get older and I do see some wrinkles and a few grey hairs, but hey, who cares? I’m healthy and happy, that’s all that matters! Live every day like it’s your last one!

Who of the 17 global beauty’s which Carola painted could be your inspiration and why? (Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Kate Moss, princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Julia Roberts, Angela Merkel, Kate Middleton, Queen Noor, Michelle Obama, Linda de Mol, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Sandberg, Dilma Roussef and Sonia Gandhi.)

Julia Roberts, because I kind of look like her (my grandmother used to say this to me). When I was young other children bullied me because of my red hair. But when I saw the movie Pretty Woman I saw a very strong and beautiful woman with red hair and a pale skin and after that I began to see that having red hair and a pale skin is actually very rare and therefore kind of special and beautiful. Nowadays I get lots of compliments about my hair ☺

Who is your own inspiration in life and why?

My boyfriend. With him I’m experiencing what true love and happiness is. He is such a positive, energetic, sweet, creative and special person. I really admire his positive mind-set. Every day he puts a smile on my face and when I feel bad he always makes me feel better. He totally accepts me for who I am and supports me in following my own path. To me he is my Global Beau ☺

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