Name: Victoria Walford, age 37

Residence: London UK

Occupation: Self employed

What is your Life quote?

If you want to do it, then do it. Gotta do what feels right.


What is your idea of Beauty?

(inner Beauty & outer Beauty)

Oh dear so this was beautifully put before and now…well lets see.Beauty is perceived. It is the “je ne sais quoi”, it can be invisible and most often is, it is a summation of stimuli that stimulates “pleasure centres” in ones brain, to be obviously expressed as a form of liking but acutally beauty doesn’t have to be liked to be beautiful .

Beauty is bespoke, to both the perceiver and the giver of beauty. It is not one thing, not one set of behaviours, because both behaviour and form is a “whole” and derived from many actions – right down to the invisible minutae.

Beauty is enhanced by education, experience and personal goals, whether conscious or subconsiously driven. Oddly beauty can be sad or happy or ugly or stunning, there is a faithulness to honesty and purity that drives beauty. If one takes time with beauty, beauty can be born from what is educated as “not beautiful”.

That is why beauty is magical, if you let it be, becuase it is something untouchable, and if it is touchable, it is wondrous, desirable. and has one enreaptured – that’s the beauty of beauty.

Who of the 17 global beauty’s which Carola painted could be your inspiration and why? (Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Kate Moss, princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Julia Roberts, Angela Merkel, Kate Middleton, Queen Noor, Michelle Obama, Linda de Mol, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Sandberg, Dilma Roussef and Sonia Gandhi.)

I would say Madonna, because she sticks to her guns. She knows what she wants and gets it. Along the way there are some actions I don’t particulalry like but she is not afraid to be who she is and use that to the best of her advantage. Maybe sometimes to an extreme but it was by sticking to her own gumption that she has become of the 17 Global beauties.

Who is your own inspiration in life and why?

Golly that’s the one thing I don’t have, I have often wondered how people become so obsessed by someone else for inspiration…so I’m going to have to think on this!

This may not be an average answer, or even desired one, but my life is inspired by experience and a concoction of those sharing that experience, and a response to experience. I am inspired by how I feel after an experience and then think how I can replicate it, learn from it, or remember it again so I can relive it in some form or other.

I would amire Maggie, for being strong in her convictions to acutally fight societal rules and narrow minds – that I do admire if I think on it!

I admire those who perceveer. Those who challenge their challengers. Those who are honest.

I often confuse admiration with envy, because they are too wonderful and then I feel sad that I’m not able to achieve in the same or an equivalent way. Maybe that is why I don’t choose to admire as it makes me feel like a failure.

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