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With her mirror art Carola Pavlik tels the story, how art can be used to inspire change. One of her main subject is creating self awareness, her artworks seems to transform by light .
As an artist and creator of Czech descent Carola has always been creative and interested in the art of human behaviour & beauty from child on.

Art does not show people what to do, yet engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur, thinking, connection, engagement, and even action.

With her art she wants to inspire people to see their life from another perspective and initiate transformation. She started her career as an artist in London with creating innovative, reflecting female bodies from aluminum foil and acrylic paint.

Later on Carola created her masterpiece sculpture “Shine”  is an impressive sculpture of the beautiful female body, meticulously covered with 57.000 original Swarovski crystals.
“Shine” hold a special crystal key to her precious body. She represents all women in complete acceptance and thankful for the beautiful body they were given. Each crystal, every woman ready to “Shine”

Her latest collection; Iconic Reflections is made of bright coloured large mirror artworks of 17 inspiring famous women. Michelle Obama for her Faith, Oprah because she wanted to reflect herself in her wisdom, Beyonce for her femininity, and Sheryl Sandberg for her intelligence. These role models or inspiring women, with different cultural identities, but they all share a mutual sense of: companionship, self-belief and basic principles of living.

As an artist she is moved to show people their own beauty and potential.
A mirror portrait consists of bright and strong contrasting types of colours on highly reflective sustainable material. Her work has more than 40 layers of airbrush paint, handmade original Swarovski crystals jewellery and luxury fabric. Carola’s method of working is highly intensive and a single work of art easily takes between 400 and 450 hours to create.

She has exhibited in Jan Cunen Museum in Oss ,Antwerp, Amsterdam and London. She has customers worldwide. Carola was also featured a.o in Dutch TV, RTL Boulevard, Blauw Bloed, WEF and interviewed for a program by the UN Women.



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